Memorandum of understanding

This is a memorandum of understanding between TransCanada Alaska Company, LLC, Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd., TransCanada Alaska Development Inc., and the State of Alaska (acting through the Commissioner of Natural Resources and Commissioner of Revenue) in regards to the Alaska LNG Project.

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Corporate Author(s): Alaska, Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd., TransCanada, Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Office of the Commissioner, Alaska Department of Revenue. Office of the Commissioner
Document Type: Legal
Date:December 12, 2013
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  • Recitals
  • Article 1: Defined terms
  • Article 2: Transition agreements
  • Article 3: Timelines
  • Article 4: Term, termination and reimbursement
  • Article 5: Relationship of the parties
  • Article 6: Notices
  • Article 7: Governing law and effect of MOU
  • Article 8: Miscellaneous
  • Exhibit A. Approval of AGIA licensees' December 9, 2013 request for project plan amendments : [letter to Tony Palmer from Joe Balash and Angela Rodell dated December 12, 2013]
  • Exhibit B. Alaska LNG Project equity option term sheet
  • Exhibit C. Alaska LNG midstream services term sheet.