Joint agreement with State of Alaska, philosophical issues briefing paper

The Office of the Federal Inspector and Alaska State Pipeline Coordinator's Office negotiated an agreement, and this memorandum outlines areas of difference. Esposito discusses his and Ned Hengerer's concerns on the State's view and recommends OFI positions.

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Main Author: Esposito, Peter
Corporate Author: Office of the Federal Inspector (OFI)
Document Type: Memorandum
Publisher:Office of the Federal Inspector (OFI)
Report Numbers:A0002313
Date:January 18, 1982
Addressee / Recipient:Rhett, John T., Jr.
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  • Purpose
  • 1. State legal requirements : incorporation of all or "applicable"
  • 2. OFI authority for design : "pipeline integrity" versus broader authority of President's decision (Scope of federal NTP authority on state lands, and, Scope of OFI stop-work authority on state lands)
  • 3. Recognition of OFI authority on private lands (NTP authority; Stop-work authority)
  • 4. NTP approach (Joint or concurrence/coordination)
  • 5. Haul Road integrity (incorporation of DOI/Alaska agreement with Rhett to Horn caveats)
  • 6. Socioeconomics (Extent of federal authority/responsibility)
  • 7. Cost/environment/schedule considerations.