Adult salmon investigations, May-October 1985 /

"This report concludes five years of data collection on adult salmon in the Susitna River, Southcentral Alaska, by the Susitna Aquatic Studies Team of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game."--Page 1.

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Alternate Title:Susitna River drainage salmon escapement data summary, 1951-1984.
Main Author: Thompson, Frederick M.
Additional Author(s):Wick, Susan N.

Stratton, Barry L.

Crawford, Drew L.

Hoffmann, Andrew G.
Corporate Contributor(s):Alaska Power Authority.

Alaska. Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies.
Publisher:Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Susitna River Aquatic Studies Program,
Report Numbers:APA 3412 (draft 1)

RTS 39 (draft 1)
Edition:[1st Apr. 1986 draft].
Series:Document (Susitna Hydroelectric Project) ; no. 3412d1.
Report (Alaska. Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies) ; no. 13.
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  • v. 1: Introduction and objectives
  • Methods
  • Results and discussion. Chinook salmon. Sockeye salmon. Pink salmon. Chum salmon. Coho salmon
  • Acknowledgements
  • appendix 2. Fishwheel daily and cumulative catches, by station
  • appendix 3. Escapement and tag recovery surveys
  • appendix 4. Station locations and middle river survey areas
  • appendix 5. Migrational timing based on cumulative fishwheel catch weighted by CPUE.
  • v. 2: appendix 1: Susitna River drainage salmon escapement data summary, 1951-1984 / prepared by Andrew G. Hoffmann, Drew L. Crawford. Draft report.