by White, Bill
Published December 2012
Contents: '; ...Australia is increasing its liquefied natural gas production and export. Industry must contend...
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by Lee, Jeannette
Published July 2013
Contents: '; ... (extraction tax and export duties), British Columbia (royalty credits), Australia and Western Australia...
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by Lee, Jeannette
Published January 2014
Contents: '; ... developments and liquefaction facilities in Australia and North America. These utilities are less content...
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by Lee, Jeannette
Published April 2013
Contents: '; ...), Sabine Pass (Louisiana, U.S.), PNG LNG (Papua New Guinea), and Gorgon (Australia)....
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by Lee, Jeannette
Published April 2014
Contents: '; ... to existing projects: Kitimat LNG (in British Columbia) and Ichthys LNG (in western Australia)....
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by Persily, Larry
Published March 16, 2016
Contents: '; .... This type of oversupply is referred to as "homeless LNG." The paper discusses suppliers in Australia...
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