Published December 1988
Contents: '; ...Conditional right-of-way lease for the Trans-Alaska Gas System, ADL 413342 -- Exhibit A. Right...

Report Number(s): ADL 413342

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Published December 2011
Contents: '; ...Map 1. Point Thomson gas transmission pipeline ; Alaska mainline (0.000 to 112.680) -- Map 2...

Report Number(s): FERC docket no. PF09-11-000 USAG-UR-SGREG-000002

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Published June 1988
Contents: '; ... mile long buried, chilled, high pressure natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Anderson Bay, Alaska...

Report Number(s): BLM-AK-PT-88-003-1792-910

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Published June 18, 1998
Contents: '; ..."The legislature finds that a vast quantity of gas in Alaska is stranded from commercial...

Report Number(s): HB 393 SLA 1998, chapter 104 HB 16 SLA 2003, chapter 4 SCS CSHB 393(FIN) CSHB 16(FIN) am AS 43.82.010 - AS 43.82.990

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Published January 1997
Contents: '; ... of the Alaska House of Representatives and theAlaska Senate....
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by Fedak, Myron E.
Published May 7, 2012
Subjects: '; ...Natives--Alaska...

Report Number(s): Ref no. LT-ETAK-0535

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Subjects: '; ...Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS)...
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by Colberg, Talis J.
Published June 5, 2007
Subjects: '; ...Alaska hire...

Report Number(s): File no. 883-07-0065

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Published November 2013
Contents: '; ...This presentation provides information that can help the State of Alaska protect its royalty...
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Published 2003
Contents: '; ...Amendments to a bill for the Alaska Statutes....

Report Number(s): Chapter no. 4 CSHB 16(FIN) am

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Published May 10, 1998
Subjects: '; ...Alaska Stranded Gas Development Act (ASGDA)...

Report Number(s): HB 393 SCS CSHB 393(FIN)

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by Cowper, Steve
Published August 22, 1990
Subjects: '; ...Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (ANGTS)...
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by Barlow, Connie C., Tussing, Arlon R.
Published March 1, 1983
Contents: '; ...This article examines the possibilities for using North Slope gas within Alaska and for converting...
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by White, Bill, Persily, Larry
Published July 2013
Contents: '; ... natural gas through Alaska and Canada and for export....
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Published December 1974
Subjects: '; ...Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS)...
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by White, Bill
Published 2012
Contents: '; ...1971-1982 : Alaska gas pipeline wars -- 1982-2001 : the Yukon Pacific era -- 2000 to today...
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by Ott, Alvin G.
Published September 1983
Contents: '; ... into the design criteria, plans and specificaticns for the Alaska segment of the Alaska Natural Gas Transporation...
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