by White, Bill
Published April 23, 2012
Subjects: '; ...Alaska North Slope LNG Project...
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by Bayer, Michael J.
Published January 17, 1992
Contents: '; ...Michael Bayer, barely a year in his position as Federal Inspector, writes to Alaska Senator Stevens...
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by Rhett, John T., Jr.
Published October 19, 1981
Contents: '; ... for the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System. (68 pages)....
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Contents: '; ...This document represents the findings and recommendations of the Alaska Gasline Development...
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Published September 24, 1974
Subjects: '; ...El Paso Alaska Company...

Report Number(s): Docket No. CP75-

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by Persily, Larry
Published November 30, 2016
Contents: '; ...The routing of the proposed Alaska LNG Project natural gas pipeline through the Alaska Range...
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Published December 1, 1980
Contents: '; ...Right-of-way grant -- Exhibit A. Stipulations for the Alaskan Leg of the Alaska Natural Gas...

Report Number(s): F-24538

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Published September 1976
Contents: '; ...v. 1. General economic analysis, comparison of systems -- v. 2. El Paso Alaska system -- v. 3...

Report Number(s): Docket no. CP 75-96, et al. Docket no. CP 75-83-1

First volume in set
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Published September 26, 27; October 11, 12, 25, 1977
Subjects: '; ...Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (ANGTS)...

Report Number(s): S.J. Res. 82

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by Carter, Jimmy
Published June 12, 1979
Contents: '; ...This document establishes the Office of the Federal Inspector for the Alaska Natural Gas...

Report Number(s): Federal Register, Vol. 33, p. 33663 33 FR 33663 Federal Register Document 79-18507 FR Doc. 79-18507

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Published January 13, 1988
Contents: '; ... finding dated January 12, 1988 supporting the export of Alaska North Slope natural gas to countries other...
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by Persily, Larry
Published October 13, 2017
Contents: '; ...On September 20, 2017, the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation responded to FERC's last round...
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by Persily, Larry
Published August 31, 2018
Contents: '; ... schedule for the Alaska LNG project's environmental impact statement and commission decision. This effects...
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by Persily, Larry
Published October 5, 2018
Contents: '; ... defends it own community as the best site for the proposed Alaska LNG project's gas liquefaction plant...
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by Persily, Larry
Published July 29, 2019
Contents: '; ... 2019 to hear public comments on the draft environmental impact statement for the proposed Alaska LNG...
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by Brean, Robert L.
Published April 11, 2012
Contents: '; ...Letter from Robert L. Brean (Din eh LLC) to Ken Salazar (U.S. Dept. of the Interior ) on Alaska...
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by Carver, Gary A., Reger, Richard D.
Published December 2011
Contents: '; ...In 2006 Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys began a program of reconnaissance...
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