Published January 14, 2014
Contents: '; ...Recitals -- Article 1: Definitions -- Article 2: Principles -- Article 3: Benefits of the Alaska...
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Published December 2011
Contents: '; ...Map 1. Point Thomson gas transmission pipeline (0.000 to 58.404); Alaska mainline (0.0 to 1.0...

Report Number(s): FERC docket no. PF09-11-000 USAG-UR-SGREG-000012

First volume of Appendix 2F
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by Knowles, Tony
Published January 26, 2001
Subjects: '; ...Alaska hire...
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by Butt, Steve
Published February 19, 2013
Contents: '; ...An overview of the proposed Alaska LNG project with a pipeline to Southcentral Alaska. Its...
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Published May 12, 2007
Contents: '; ...Proposed amendments to the Alaska Statutes....

Report Number(s): HB0177F SCS CSHB 177(FIN) 28-GH1060\T

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Published [no date]
Subjects: '; ...Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA)...

Report Number(s): HB 177 SCS CSHB 177 (FIN) AS 43.90.010 - AS 43.90.990

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Published 2007
Contents: '; ...A bill for an act entitled "An Act relating to the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act; providing...

Report Number(s): SLA 2007, chapter 22 AS 43.90.010 - AS 43.90.990 HB 177 SCS CSHB 177(FIN)

Session Law (one of the three documents)
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Published 2007
Subjects: '; ...Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA)...

Report Number(s): HB 177 SCS CSHB 177 (FIN)

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by Boyle, Michael J.
Published April 23, 2012
Contents: '; ...Contains comments collected from various agencies on TransCanada Alaska Company, LLC's draft...

Report Number(s): Docket no. PF09-11-000

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Published 2003
Subjects: '; ...Alaska Stranded Gas Development Act (ASGDA)...

Report Number(s): AS 43.82.010 - AS 43.82.990

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by Morones, Mark
Published 2011
Contents: '; ... the reporting period, and describes progress on the Alaska Pipeline Project....

Report Number(s): Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Docket No. PF 09-11-000

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by Hickel, Walter J., 1919-2010.
Published April 15, 1993
Contents: '; ... Pipeline Coordinator's Office (SPCO) as oversight coordinator of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS...
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by Wright, Jeff C.
Published September 12, 2014
Contents: '; ... the pre-filing procedures for the Alaska LNG Project. That report was filed jointly by the five corporate...

Report Number(s): Docket No. PF14-21-000 USAI-PE-SGEIS-00-0003

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by Butt, Steve, Fauske, Dan, Meznarich, Darren
Published September 5, 2014
Contents: '; ... (as required by FERC) for the Alaska LNG Project. Those applicants are BP Alaska LNG LLC, ConocoPhillips Alaska...

Report Number(s): Docket No. PF14-...-000 USAI-PE-SGEIS-00-0003

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by Barker, Milt
Published March 1982
Subjects: '; ...Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (ANGTS)...
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by Hammond, Jay S.
Published September 1, 1981
Contents: '; ... State agency for monitoring preconstruction and construction of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation...
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Contents: '; ...This is a contract written by Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Office of the Commissioner...
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