Robert Ritchie

Robert Ritchie may refer to: *Robert Ritchie (racing driver) (fl. 1955), Hong Kong racecar driver *Bob Ritchie (ice hockey) (born 1955), Canadian former ice hockey left winger *Robert J. Ritchie (politician) (fl. 1878–1890), lawyer and politician in New Brunswick, Canada *Robert J. Ritchie (railroad executive) (1990–2012), former president and CEO of the Canadian Pacific Railway *Robert Ritchie (Australian politician) (1836–1891), New South Wales politician *Robert O. Ritchie (fl. 2013–2017), professor of engineering *Robert T. Ritchie, priest and rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City *Robert Yarnall Richie (1908–1984), American photographer *Robert Ritchie (footballer) (1884–1954), Australian rules footballer *Robert Peel Ritchie (1835–1902), Scottish physician and medical historian *Robert Ritchie (''The West Wing''), a fictional character on the American TV drama ''The West Wing'' *Robert Ritchie, American rapper, known as Kid Rock *Robert Ritchie, mayor of Strathcona and name sake of Ritchie, Edmonton *Robert Ritchie (priest), American Anglo-Catholic clergyman and author Provided by Wikipedia