Thomas Irwin (disambiguation)

Thomas Irwin (1785–1870) was a U.S. representative from Pennsylvania.

Thomas Irwin may also refer to: * Thomas Irwin (Canadian politician) (1889–1962), Canadian member of the House of Commons in 1957–1958 * Thomas Irwin (trade unionist) (died 1941 or 1942), British trade unionist and politician * Thomas Caulfield Irwin (1823–1892), Irish poet, writer and classical scholar * Tom Irwin (dual player) (1873–1956), Irish Gaelic footballer, hurler, referee and Gaelic games administrator * Tom Irwin (actor) (born 1956), American film, television, and stage actor * Tommy Irwin (1912–1996), baseball player * Tommy Irwin (footballer) (born 1932), Scottish footballer * "Shotgun Tom" Kelly (Tom Irwin, born 1949), American radio and television personality Provided by Wikipedia