Title Results
1971-1982 : Alaska gas pipeline wars 1
1982-2001 : the Yukon Pacific era 1
2000 to today : interest in Alaska's gas revives 1
2010 first phase consolidated implementation plan 1
22 mile Creek. Level three - habitat survey form part 3 1
A catalogue of Svalbard plants, fungi, algae, and cyanobacteria. Part 6. Lichens 1
An act amending, for purposes of the Alaska Stranded Gas Development Act, the standards applicable to determining whether a proposed new investment constitutes a qualified project, the standards ... 1
An act relating to contracts with the state establishing payments in lieu of other taxes by a qualified sponsor or qualified sponsor group for projects to develop stranded gas resources in the state; providing ... 1
An act to expedite a decision on the delivery of Alaska natural gas to United States markets, and for other purposes. 1
Active and potentially active faults along the Alaska Highway corridor, Tetlin Junction to the Canada border 1
Active and potentially active faults in or near the Alaska highway corridor, Delta Junction to Dot lake, Alaska 1
Active and potentially active faults in or near the Alaska Highway corridor, Dot Lake to Tetlin Junction, Alaska 1
Additional comments on TC Alaska's draft resource reports 1
Administrative Order No. 121 1
Administrative Order No. 134 1
Administrative Order No. 187 1
Administrative Order No. 188 1
Administrative Order No. 70 1
Aerial surveys of bird populations along the proposed cross Delta Pipeline route, Yukon and Northwest Territories, June-August, 1975 1
Aerial surveys of tree-nesting raptors along the proposed Northwest Alaskan pipeline Company pipeline route, U.S. - Canada border to the Chandalar shelf, 18 April - 10 May 1980 : interim report 1