Published November 12, 1982
...Erosion and sedimentation control design manual Northwest Alaskan Pipeline Company...
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Published October 1980
...Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline Project South B.C. segment, air test procedure manual for Foothills...
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Published July 1980
Contents: '; ...This manual has been prepared to establish procedure for hydrostatically testing for the prebuild...
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Published 8 February 1984
...Pipeline design criteria manual. 13.0, Design modes (Revison 3)...
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Published September 12, 2000
Contents: '; ...This manual is a guide to sponsors of natural gas pipeline projects who file environmental...
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by Rhett, John T., Jr.
Published February 15, 1984
Contents: '; ... of the DCM manual, and conditional approval is given until three DCM appendices are completed and reflected...

Report Number(s): D-0025072 GOA-84-1015

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by Kuhn, Edwin
Published February 13, 1984
Contents: '; ...The letter describes Revision 3 of Section 13 of the DCM manual, which reflect coordination...

Report Number(s): GOA-84-1015

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by Rhett, John T., Jr.
Published April 16, 1985
Contents: '; ... Revision 4 of Section 13 of the DCM manual ("Pipeline design criteria manual. 13.0, Design modes...

Report Number(s): D-0025222

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by Black, William T.
Published September 7, 1983
Contents: '; ...The letter consists of comments to Appendix 21A of the "Pipeline design criteria manual...

Report Number(s): DOC ID R-0007222

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by Rhett, John T., Jr.
Published April 16, 1985
Contents: '; ... of the "Pipeline design criteria manual" (also called "Design criteria manual" or DCM). All these issues deal...
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by Ellis, Earl
Published April 15, 1985
Contents: '; ... of the Design criteria manual. All these issues deal with frozen soil conditions and frost heaves....
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Published July 1, 1980
Contents: '; ... -- v. 3. Exhibit Z-1.1, Environmental engineering manual -- v. 4. Exhibit Z-2, Description of gas...

Report Number(s): Docket no. CP80-

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by Fancy, Steve G.
Published 1981 (original date, September 1980 has been manually crossed off)
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Published December 1981
Contents: '; ... in the Pipeline Design Criteria Manual, Geotechnical Assessment, Volume 4 were followed in conducting this study...

Report Number(s): 09-TR-0025 WBS

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Published [1979-1999]
Contents: '; ... the pipeline Design criteria manual for the Alaska segment of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System...
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