Trans-Alaska Gas System conditional right-of-way lease, ADL 413342

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Corporate Author(s): Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR), Yukon Pacific Corporation
Document Type: Legal
Publisher:Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR)

Yukon Pacific Corporation

Alaska Department of Natural Resources. State Pipeline Coordinator's Office (SPCO)
Report Numbers:ADL 413342
Date:December 1988 [i.e. 1999]
Edition:[1999 version]
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Physical Description:75 p.
Notes:Title from cover (a copy of the original 1988 publication).

Most of the content in this publication was released under the same title in December 1988. This publication eight leaves of additional content (in the front) signed in 1999, and the previously issued leaves have an added page header that states "TAGS lease" (or "TAGS conditional lease" or "TAGS lease stipulations") and "ADL 413342, December 10, 1988."

The organization of this document is confusing as it consists of similar legal documents with similar names by the same office as a series of exhibits to one another which appeared as a 1988 publication, but are preceded by two added documents dated 1999, but with the original 1988 cover. The first document is a renewal of the lease signed September 8, 1999 by Alaska Department of Natural Resources and Yukon Pacific Corporation. The second document is a guaranty document signed on August 31, 1999 by CSX Corporation, of which Yukon Pacific Corporation is a subsidiary. In the group of papers from 1988, the first section is a lease signed December 10, 1988 by Judith M. Brady (Commissioner, Alaska Department of Natural Resources) and Howard D. Griffith (President and CEO, Yukon Pacific Corporation) followed by a series of exhibits of similar legal papers.

Exhibit B ("Conditional right-of-way lease for the Trans-Alaska Gas System") has a placeholder sheet, as it is intended to represent a signed version to be signed later, which apparently is the first paper in the group from 1988.

All papers from 1988 in this publication name the issuing agency as: State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Land and Water Management, State Pipeline Office.

The document makes some references to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (the petroleum pipeline).