A conceptual model--the movement of juvenile arctic cisco / 1
A data summary of surface and intragravel water temperature and substrate composition of middle Susitna River mainstem, side channel and tributary salmon spawning habitats / 1
A desk study of the relationship between temperature and hatching time for the eggs of five species of salmonid fishes / 1
A detailed report on fish and wildlife resources affected by the Devil Canyon Project, Alaska / 1
A detailed report on fish and wildlife resources affected by Vee Project, Susitna River, Alaska. 1
A field guide to western birds : field marks of all species found in North America west of the 100th meridian, with a section on the birds of the Hawaiian Islands / 1
A forecast of industrial and occupational employment in Alaska : prepared for Man in the Arctic Program, Institute of Social, Economic and Government Research, University of Alaska / 1
A framework for the assessment of chinook salmon rearing in the middle Susitna River under altered flow, temperature and sediment regimes : report / 1
A guide to stream habitat analysis using the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology / 1
A holistic framework for environmental flows determination in hydropower contexts : 2013 project report / 1
A hydrologic reconnaissance of the Susitna River below Devil's Canyon / 1
A limnological perspective of potential water quality changes / 2
A model for the movement and distribution of fish in a body of water / 1
A new method of relating spawning gravel size composition to salmonid embryo survival / 1
A preliminary classification system for vegetation of Alaska / 1
A preliminary report on fish and wildlife resources in relation to the Susitna Basin plan, Alaska. 1
A progress report on wildlife of the Susitna River Basin, Third Judicial Division, Territory of Alaska. 1
A reconnaissance of tractor trails and related phenomena on the North Slope of Alaska / 1
A report on the first series of community meetings on the feasibility studies for the Susitna Hydroelectric Project and other power alternatives : April 1980, Fairbanks, Talkeetna, Wasilla, Anchorage / 1
A review of electric power demand forecasts and suggestions for improving future forecasts / 1